Unless I had made an appointment with someone, I didn’t tend to sign on very often. Well, people have been asking when I’m on, so I’m making more of an effort to do this.

If you would like to offer yourself and serve Me, call My play line:

Call Button

Or if you need coaching about a sex or relationship matter, or you’d just like some casual conversation with Me, you can reach Me on My chat line:

Call Button

If I’m on, it says “Call Now”. If I’m not, it will say, “Send Email”.

As before, if I’m not on and you would like to serve Me or chat with Me, click the button to send a message about what you’re looking for, your availability, and we can schedule a time to meet. Or you can add Me to your favorites and look for Me.

If you’re wondering what people have said about speaking with Me, visit:

Mistress Tissa’s listings on NiteFlirt

Click on which listing you’d like to read the reviews for, and then click on the number beneath the stars.

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