I obscure your face with my hood

(who you are is of no relevance)

I take away your sight

(look deeply into the void)

And then

you wait for…


…my laughter piercing the silence…

…the purr of my voice in your ears…

…my exquisite touch grazing your body…

you melt as I wrap my words and fingers and rope around you.

you are naked and restrained before me.

you feel so vulnerable and exposed.

And then

you tense against the impact.

But you don’t fight me

because you know this is what you need.

Each strike of my flogger pushes you — OUT

Of your shell.


There is nothing between you and me.


You have never felt so free.




2 thoughts on “Need”

  1. I got chills and bumps,luckily I was sitting down.OMG! Now I’m being taken down just imagining your voice and power.Sign me up,you’ll be hearing from me …soon.

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