My Twitter Is Currently Locked

I keep getting thrown in “jail”. There are different types of Twit jails, from brief detainment to solitary confinement.

I’m in the step below prison, I think.

People can see my tweets and some people can follow, but I’m missing from search results, and likely also when searching tags. What this means is that I get really poor engagement with my content and the teeny tiny-ist trickle of new followers…which is fewer than the number I end up losing in this type of jail. In other words: I never get anywhere. I’m always going to be at a net loss.

I was in this same place from March of 2020 to March of 2021. I would sometimes get a few followers but then would lose twice as much, in the same 24-or-so-hour period. The end result over the course of the year was my losing hundreds of followers I had worked to get.

But, Mistress, aren’t they just unfollowing you, as people do? Some probably are, but my experience, which I have personally verified has happened to others, and I’ve read others write about happening to them, is that it seems Twit forces people to “unfollow” you. They just somehow, for some reason, disconnect you from people in your network. Maybe you have seen a Domme mention her confusion or astonishment that she KNOWS she was following these other Dommes but now she’s not?? It’s a thing that happens and we don’t absolutely know why. Maybe, at best, this is just how the algorithm is programmed to reduce the reach of “spammers” and “bots” based on those accounts engaging in the same “red flag” behaviors; or, at worst, maybe it’s a deliberate attempt to break up social networks they don’t like as part of a censorship campaign. It would certainly be plausible for us adult workers/providers/entertainers/content creators so often under fire, especially in this post-FOSTA/SESTA world.

Why are followers important, Mistress? Ultimately, in the grand scheme of things, they are not. But with anyone who is trying to grow their livelihood, being censored because someone doesn’t like you for some reason, like because you talk about icky ICKY SEX and OMGSUPERGROSS KINKY SEX, is obviously not conducive to that. And if I’m going to be censored and not allowed to grow why the fuck am I creating content for the platform? Especially when I’m not getting paid for it? I’d rather spend the time on my blog. At least I know that there I can’t possibly randomly get “suspended” as so many Dommes and other adult workers have had happen to them.

So, in an effort to see if I can get myself out, I spent some time “cleaning” up a few things that I’ve read can hurt you, like flagged content, which seems to be happening to me more often these days. I even had the tweets of my mentioning I’m in jail and asking for help be flagged as “sensitive content”, which means they won’t show up on some people’s feed. That’s right: your discussion of censorship will be censored.

I’ve also read that hashtags and links, and using the same ones repeatedly and often, can get you shoved into their algorithm.

I’ve also considered that someone who is a miserable prick is just reporting my tweets for fun/spite and that is also getting me pulled in automatically. The lock might help that.

I’m going to wait and observe my account over the next several days. I’m hoping these actions might pull me out. If not, I’m going to contact Twit and see if they can manually fix the problem. I’m really losing patience at this point.

I will unlock it at some point in the future.

If you are not following me and wish to follow you can send a request. If your account is locked I will decline.

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