My Fetishes III: Military



Military uniforms (especially olive drab), shaved heads, hierarchy, discipline, barking orders, bodies held rigidly at attention, drills, precision… It’s all incredibly hot for Me. It goes deeper, but I’ll leave it at that.

I think I first became cognizant of this fetish when I was 18. I bought My first military surplus to wear. Since that time, I have collected some military uniform pieces and memorabilia. Combat boots still have a place in My wardrobe.

Over the years, I’ve had a very squishy spot for men who are serving or have served. (I’ve known women who have, but it doesn’t have the same impact.) Before I went professional and was engaging in a lot of personal play, I sought out these men — any branch, any status, and any rank. Some came to Me in uniform, which, of course, really got Me going.

I especially enjoy being served by military men because they understand D/s, have been trained, and know how to take orders – something I’m naturally good at giving. I’ve joked that I would probably make an excellent Drill Instructor.

One of My favorite clients gave Me a fantastic (and very thoughtful) gift of customized dog tags. “Mistress Tissa, Dominatrix” they read. I love to hear them clink against one another.

I hope to enlist some of pukes you soon for some military role play scenarios…

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