0 thoughts on “Mistress Tissa: I dare you”

  1. Dear Santa,All I want for Christmas is to be on my knees licking Mistress Tissa” boots,being hit by her flogger and spit in the face and being told what a pig I am.I have been pretty good this year and promise to do better next. ps.could you tell Mistress to have a Merry Christmas as my card has not yet left my desk drawer.ppss.I forgot….n/t ,lots of n/t by Mistress soft fingers. 🙂

    1. Thank you, obedient jim.

      Now, you mentioned wanting training? Remember one area I offered some free lessons was with objectification. Here’s another free lesson: Who is your intended audience? If you are addressing Me, you would say “on my knees before You“. If you speak about Me in a third person, you are objectifying Me.

      If you would like further lessons to make you a better slave and human being, you know what to do.

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