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Keeping Canada Safe From Rebels

13 décembre 1837

Les américains sont des imbéciles.

J’ai attiré ça…I lured this young one right into my trap.

He believed he was safe where he meets his Hunter’s Lodge brethren.

These rebels are naive to think I don’t have my eyes and ears everywhere, watching their every move, learning their plans to incite revolt with the locals to overthrow our government.

He was an easy capture.

It did not take much to get him to talk. My dagger on his throat and my intentions in his ear were enough.

As is typical of men, he took an opportunity to question my leadership and doubt my abilities as a woman.

When I stripped him of his britches and placed my blade at the real weakness, he whimpered, as they do.

I spent some time enjoying the torture of him, as I extracted more about his accomplices and their plans.

He begged for his life, of course. I pretended to offer it in exchange for key details.

Once he provided them, I cut him loose and told my men to take him for deportation to Van Diemen’s Land.

Au revoir, Monsieur de Fontaine.

Capitaine Tissa
Commandant de la milice du Haut-Canada


JancokOi, who played Mr. de Fontaine, wrote this about his experience with me. Here is an excerpt:

As someone who has played with several people in the scene without any transactional element, I didn’t think it was necessary for me to pay for play, and didn’t think that the skills of a professional would justify the price. …

I decided to pull the trigger, but only for one specific woman whose roleplay and psychological skills seemed state-of-the-art; Mistress Tissa. I’ve always been heavily interested in roleplay, especially historical period scenes. …

I absolutely loved my experience with Mistress Tissa …

If I were to travel back in time and tell my younger self that the most arousing experience of my life wouldn’t come from any sort of sexual contact, I don’t think I’d have been surprised. If I then elaborated that this erotic euphoria would come from roleplaying as a failed American revolutionary being captured, interrogated and tortured by a female Canadian militia captain in a recreation of an obscure historical event, I wouldn’t be disgusted by it, but rather relieved. I would be relieved knowing that I won my battle against the social stigma against kink and BDSM trying to convince me that my unique sexual interests are a disorder to be cured rather than something beautiful about me which I should take pride in.

My session with Mistress Tissa expelled any last motions of shame around my sexuality … Her tone in saying it was overjoyed at the prospect of a challenge, and it made me tingle so badly I dropped my phone during the consultation. Not only are my bizarre fantasies not something She was disturbed by, they excited Her.

This is what sets Her apart from anyone I’ve played with, the passion for new experiences. Playing with Mistress Tissa is true submission and fantasy fulfillment as opposed to acting out a scene. I gave Her a canvas with which to work by telling Her my interests, and She turned it into a beautiful picture and expressed artistic freedom to bend my requests to Her creative vision along with bending my will while doing so. She didn’t just do what I wanted and go through a rigid checkbox of activities, we worked together to travel back in time for an experience that was just as stimulating intellectually as it was erotically.

If you want a “Domme” that will simply do exactly what you say your interests are and won’t challenge you or build upon them, then Mistress Tissa is not the right one for you. If, however, you want to be truly immersed in a scene and submit yourself to Her ability to amaze you, then you’ve found the right Domme.

Merci beaucoup, Mistress Tissa.”

(The full testimonial is here.)

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