It’s My Birthday Month!

It’s September! And My Birthday is on the 23rd! Help make it special by showering Me with gifts!


#1: ErosTek 312 e-stim box, $630

#2. Current Pleasures e-stim box + software, 630

#3. Venus2000, the pro Domme package, 1200

#4. New drapes for My dungeon, 100 each (any quantity between 1 and 10)

#5. A fabulous costume for decadent role play (it’s a surprise), 500

#6. Matching 2’ single tails, 120

If you’d like to give one of the above, you can either claim it by sending the quoted amount via Giftrocket with it’s number in the message or contacting Me and I will provide you with a mailing address. (Above quotes include shipping costs.)

You can also:

Pick one of the many things from from My Amazon wishlist.


Cover a monthly bill:

  • student loans, 500
  • phone, 120
  • feeding stray cats around My house, any amount
  • charity donation (this month will be toward hurricane relief), any amount


Give a gift card which I can pool together to buy something wonderful for Myself. The best options are: Etsy, Amazon, and eBay.

Cash gifts can be sent via or (better for international folx).

Address to use: GatMT

Thank you!


Mistress Tissa

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