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Because I periodically have people who are unfamiliar and don’t understand how NiteFlirt works, I wanted to offer some information about using the service.

NiteFlirt is an adult-oriented website which acts as a communication interface between one person and another. Specifically for two people communicating by phone. The site was created with “phone sex” in mind, but it is also used by people for other purposes, such as webcamming, buying “goodies” (pics, documents, etc), sending tributes and money gifts, counseling/coaching, and even just casual conversation.

To use the service you need to create an account. This consists of your typical user name and password. In order to call someone, you need to have two things: your own phone line and a credit card. As far as I understand, your phone can be a land line, cell phone, or computer-based number. The credit card is necessary to pay for your phone or webcam calls and goodies. At the time of this article, if you’re a new user, you will receive three free minutes when you sign up.

I use NiteFlirt for multiple activities. “Phone sex” — or, more accurately, phone Domination– session consultations, coaching, and general conversation. I have created two separate lines with two different rates for these purposes. Phone domination has one rate and coaching/consults/conversation has another, lower rate.

There are some things I do not offer through NiteFlirt. Such as webcamming* and goodies*. Tributes and money gifts are other things I prefer not use to NiteFlirt. The reason is because they take 30% of what is sent to Me — just for using them as a payment processor. I do not have an interest in using NiteFlirt strictly as a payment processor, so I ask that people not use it for that reason. There are other options which involve significantly lower fees, so more of what you intend to give Me actually goes toward Me. If you wish to send a tribute or money gift, My preferred payment method is located on My Offerings page, by following the link in the lower right-hand corner. I have other options if that one does not work for you.

I like to use NiteFlirt for calls for two main reasons. One is because it protects both your and My privacy. This means that names and phone numbers are not disclosed to one another. The other is because in most cases, I don’t know how long our call will take and so I can’t tell you what your tribute will be in advance. NiteFlirt takes care of that. It will automatically charge you only for the time we speak.

When I am on NiteFlirt it is usually by appointment. This means I have set up a time to speak with someone in advance. If you have an appointment with Me, simply log on shortly before our agreed-upon time and then go to My listing. When it’s the time we agreed to speak, click on the “call now” button. If it says “send mail” it means I have not yet set that line to actively accept calls. Just check in a minute and it should change.

IMPORTANT: Please set up your account in advance of our call. I have had people who end up being late or not being able to speak to Me because of problems they encountered which could have been worked out if they had allowed more time. I do not appreciate if I set aside time for you in My schedule only to have to wait or need to reschedule because you are unprepared.

Sometimes I log on and accept calls randomly. You will know I’m accepting calls because the buttons on My Contact page will say “call now”. (I also sometimes mention it on Twitter.) If you have already created an account and have a credit card on file, all you have to do is click My button and log on to talk to Me. If I’m speaking with someone else, I think NiteFlirt will tell you I’m busy.

If you wish to make an appointment to speak with Me, send Me mail through NiteFlirt. In it, tell Me what kind of appointment you’re looking for — phone Domination, coaching, consult, or you just want to talk — and some information that may be pertinent to the call, such as what kind of phone Domination you’d like (e.g. small penis humiliation), an issue you’d like coaching about (e.g. how to introduce kink to your partner), or whatever it is you’d like to talk about. Once you click send, it goes to My NiteFlirt inbox. I receive a notification that you have sent Me mail and will reply as soon as I can. Please note the notification is sent to My personal email account and there is usually a delay from the time you send it and the time I receive it.

If your interest in speaking with Me is because you’d like a real-time session, I suggest you fill out the application on My Contact page first. I will review it and if I think we’re a good match, then I’ll let you know and we can set up a time to speak. I usually encourage people to fill out the app first so I have an idea of what to talk to you about.

If you wish to take a look at My listings, rates, and call reviews, you can simply follow the buttons on My Contact page. Or you can visit the NiteFlirt website directly and search for Me.

*I may offer these in the future.

(Some of my protocol about NiteFlirt has changed since I wrote this.)

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