Goddess at Work

I’m working on My dungeon, Temenos, tonight. Just a little painting and reorganizing.

I love working on My dungeon. Making changes, adding things…

I wish I had a huge, multi-roomed space to work with. And an enormous budget. With My rich imagination and sense of style, I would create a truly spectacular place that would be heaven to play in. Maybe I’ll have something similar one day…

My next project is adding a St. Andrew’s Cross.

I had found someone who makes the style I was looking for, and allowed for some customization. He quoted Me a price with shipping and I told him I’d get back to him.

For My birthday, slave m generously gifted the funds to purchase the Cross, but now the guy is not replying to My messages.

After looking around for another person who makes the same style and height, and not quite finding what I’m looking for, I may end up just buying the supplies and making it Myself.

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