Giving Thanks

I’d like to express My gratitude to each and every person who decided to come to Me for a session or coaching in the past year.

Some of you only came for one session, whether you just wanted to see what I was about, get an itch scratched, were passing through in your travels, or couldn’t afford more: THANK YOU!

Some come when you can, and knowing that some of you “wish [you] could come more often”, I am appreciative that you do choose Me when the time comes: THANK YOU!

Some of you come regularly, and I really enjoy getting to know you individually and our continued exploration of kink together, so: THANK YOU!

I also am grateful for all the gifts I have received — big and small — from those of you I know more well to those I have never met and have sent things anonymously. From clothes to shoes and boots to things for home, My dungeon, and My cats(!) to money. THANK YOU!

I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday!


Mistress Tissa




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