For Real This Time

Folx, I really fixed the issue with people not receiving their confirmation emails when they try to register for my blog.

The two mail hosts who I can confirm have been blocking me are Gmail and Yahoo. There may be others.

I found the admin email on my host that I didn’t know was there and saw like 1300 emails from Gmail telling me they were blocking my confirmation emails from people trying to register because they thought I was spam. Yahoo wasn’t saying anything to me. Just silently blocking me. Other mail hosts may have been, too.

Well, I’m happy to say that I have finally placated Yahoo and the Googlemonster and was able to confirm with multiple people — two Yahoo accounts and three Gmail — my emails are now going through.

If you are someone who tried to register and never received a confirmation please do the following:

  1. Go to the “log in” link which is at the top right of my entries.
  2. Either click to reset your password if you have already tried to register, or, if you have not yet, click register.
  3. Look for the email that asks you to confirm these things. Please check your spam folder if it does not land in your inbox. (If it is in spam, mark it as NOT SPAM so it doesn’t happen again.)
  4. Come back to my blog and comment here to notify me of your success.

If you still do not receive the confirmation email, send an email to no-reply /at/ bdsmlog /dot/ mistresstissa /dot/ com. I will be temporarily checking this box for people who report problems.

UPDATE: I went through my admin panel and manually resent some of the confirmation emails that did not appear to have been received in the past. Some I did not because it had been so long that the system marked the user as inactive. If you have tried to register in the past and did not receive the confirmation email I pushed through to you, please try the above steps.

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