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In case anyone had noticed and was wondering, My Eros ad has been down for almost a month. When it came time to renew, I suddenly couldn’t process a payment.

I have emailed them three times over the course of the month and they are not replying.

I have tried calling and their phone says they are not taking calls.

In the time I’ve used them have never not answered the phone, and it is very unlike them to not reply to email; they usually reply in less than 24 hours. They have always had fantastic customer service.

There are concerns that because of the new law, the site has been compromised. It could certainly explain the multiple complaints I’m hearing about ads being paid for and not being listed, ads disappearing, unreturned messages, and an inability to contact.

For now, you may wish to use caution with the site.

UPDATE: Payment finally went through and My ad is back up!