Domestic Service And Domestic Fetish


Domestic service and Domestic fetish are similar in that there is a cleaning or “maid” theme but are different in what actually happens during the session.

In a service session, the focus in on your service to me via cleaning and tidying. There is an expectation that cleaning will actually occur and, respecting any limits you may have, the type of cleaning will be selected by me. There should be no expectation that I will be dressed in fetish clothes or engage in fetish activity with you, such as humiliation or corporal punishment. However, you can expect power exchange (i.e. I will be your Dominant) and training.

Maids may perform kitchen and/or bathroom duties.

This may include:

  • dusting
  • sweeping
  • vacuuming
  • scrubbing
  • polishing
  • dishes
  • watering plants
  • yardwork
  • litterbox duty
  • and more

In a fetish session, the focus is on your specific fetishes within a domestic/maid roleplay and the level and type of cleaning that occurs, if any, is whatever we agree upon. This is typically run more like a traditional BDSM session and specific activities are negotiated. This is where you can request humiliation, degradation, discipline/punishment, chastity, bondage, etc.

 A maid uniform may be available (size depending) or you can bring your own. Uniforms are welcome for both types of sessions.

If you wish to clean naked, you will need to book a fetish session. The desire to clean naked stems from an erotic impulse rather than service one. It’s also not hygienic and I will need to clean up after my cleaner! This is because your naked body will be rubbing up on things, you will drip sweat, etc — and that’s hardly providing me a “service”.

The tribute for both is found on my tribute page.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not offer domestic service opportunities to people without references. This means that in this instance I do not offer vetting. You either need to have references specific to domestic service OR you need to book a BDSM session before you are allowed to book a service session.

For exceptional maids who have provided me tributed service over a period of time, there is the potential for you to move into a lifestyle maid role.

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