Doing It Right

So I made this a proper membership site. This means that instead of me having to do fiddly admin stuff and ask people to do annoying things to view posts, now you just have to log in and the system will recognize you are a paid member.

You will see a new menu above my logo. Right now there are two options:

  • Join BDSMlog, with two sub-pages: BDSM Member and BDSM Exclusive
  • Log in / log out

If you are not yet a Basic member (which is free), you can select the “BDSMlog Member” option to join. This allows you to comment and interact with me and other members. (It will likely be expanded in the future with more options.) After you complete the registration page you will need to verify your email. Once you do you will be able to log in and interact.

If you are a basic member and would like be a Exclusive member and gain access to the BDSMlog Exclusive content (which is 10/month), you must either be a client in good standing or are someone I know and trust. If this applies to you, go to Join BDSMlog on the menu and select “BDSMlog Exclusive” to sign up. If you request membership and do not meet either criterion your membership will be declined. (Read more here.)

For those who are already paid members I manually added you to my memberships so you should not have to register again. If you log in and are unable to see the posts for paid members, please let me know.

I know I have been doing a lot of nerdy admin stuff in the last few months, but I’ve been determined to get this blog working the way I intended:

  • people actually receiving the email to confirm their registration
  • people actually receiving the email to confirm their email post subscriptions
  • simplify some things on the admin side for me, which included moving this to it’s own domain

And then with the addition of a paid option I quickly realized my original plan was cumbersome and short-sighted, so I implemented a way to create memberships that would make it easier for you pervs to look at the paid content without having to keep track of and enter passwords on every post, and easier for me to manage all of it.

I’m still working out some things, such as adding some neat little features, but for now the most important parts should be working. Let me know if you run into any problems, please!

Because the membership function has other possibilities which I find inspiring, I will likely further develop the site in the coming months to include more interesting and sexy options.

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