Changes to COVID protocol

After much reading and consideration, I’m going to begin the slow phase out of the masking protocol. This decision is in part due to our governor, here in PA, announcing that our mask mandate will likely be modified or dropped in January.

For the time being, the option to remove your mask during our session will be offered to select clients. Specifically those with whom I’ve developed trusting relationships and still practice good safety measures around others. As a result, some types of play that have been in moratorium will be offered to these people:

  • hoods
  • gags
  • CEI & consumption

Activities which may be offered:

  • spit play
  • my putting my heels/boots or feet in your mouth
  • other instances in which your mouth is exposed

Still not offered yet:

  • vacbed
  • multi-person sessions (couples in the same household are exempt)
  • domestic fetish or service

If you would still prefer that you and/or I wear masks during our session indicate this when you request a scene. Also, if you would like to schedule your time to minimize possible exposure, let me know that, too. I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

As usual, if you feel ANY symptoms in the 2 weeks prior or after of time together, let me know.

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