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I’m no longer allowing locked accounts to follow me on Twitter.

My exceptions are those who are existing clients, friends, and select verifiable adult professionals.

Here’s why I did this:

When a person locks their account, all of their activity is hidden to everyone except those that they have allowed to follow them. While this can be useful if you want to shut out trolls, control your followers, and/or maintain privacy, it also creates a very one-sided relationship where you get to see everything I do, but I can’t see anything you do.

Contrary to what some people might think, your following me does not mean you’re granting me permission to see any of your activity; it just means you can see mine in your feed. So, if you like, retweet, or comment on any of my tweets, I have no idea. Likewise, if you’re doing something like stealing my or other people’s content, I can’t see that either.

tl;dr: locked accounts offer nothing to people who aren’t following them and also have the potential for shady activity. That’s a no-win for me, so that’s why you get blocked.

If you’re a person who was blocked and you want to follow me, you either need to have an unlocked account or send a $35 unblock gift in one of the following ways:

1. Erotifix* (Select “Twitter Unblock Fee”)
2. Etsy gift card to
3. eBay gift card to

Make sure you include your Twitter handle (e.g. @MistressTissa) in the message field, like this:


…and I’ll remove the block. You will have to manually follow Me again.

If you’re an existing client and you were blocked, you do not need to send a unblock gift. Just send Me an email with your handle.

*Erotifix supports international cards

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