Back After An Almost Two-Month Hiatus

After WordPress so kindly suspended my site on October 30th — after saying they were okay with it, taking my money for a premium package, and then refusing to refund me (just what you’d expect from thieves) — I was faced with the task of not just finding any old host to throw it back up on, but one I felt would not censor me again.

I found that host and thanks to their excellent customer service am back up and blogging.

I’m going to be tweaking things over the next several weeks. For one, the appearance; so what you see is likely to change. If you see any missing photos or links, please comment so I can be made aware of them.

If you were subscribed to my blog, you may need to subscribe again. I can’t find any information on subscribers on the dashboard, and I haven’t had a chance to look that up and figure it out.

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Back After An Almost Two-Month Hiatus

  1. Thank Goddess your back!!!! When I can’t visit in person I look forward to your postings.It has been wayyyy too long since an in person visit and hope to change that soon. your pig

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