Auralism is the fetish for sound.

Usually aural fetishes are specific, such as the voice, sexual activity, high heels, or music.

I enjoy playing around with sounds during a session. If you have particular sounds that excite you, let Me know. (Be respectful in your request, though.)

If you are one who finds particular music — a genre, artist, album, or song — arousing or compelling, I’m open to discussing how it can be incorporated into our scene.

Inversely, if you want to feel a particular way during a session, and are open to using music to enhance that, I can select pieces that I feel might invoke those emotions.

I enjoy many types of music* and have experience as a DJ, both in a club setting and via the internet, where I used to have an independent radio station.

My own collection consists of thousands and thousands of songs. Here’s a screenshot of some folders in My collection:


* Sorry, no contemporary country or contemporary Christian!




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