A Note About Gifts

Giving your Domme a gift is very common. Though I don’t expect them, they’re a lovely gesture that I always appreciate. However, I somewhat regularly get gifts that aren’t useful to me. This leaves me feeling awkward because I then have to figure out what to do with this thing I can’t use, and also frustrated because it’s something that can be avoided entirely.

If you’d like to send or bring one, you can start with the suggestions on my Offerings page.

Many Dommes have Amazon wishlists because they’re so easy to make and maintain. They also allow someone to buy and send an item and both the sender and receiver maintain privacy throughout the entirety of the transaction (i.e. no legal names, addresses, or payment details are shared). Another perk is that Amazon has really good customer service and returns were something to come damaged, defective, or just didn’t fit.

On my Offerings page I have a link to my Amazon wishlists. You can buy something before or after a session and Amazon will securely mail it to me; or you can order it from a list and during checkout have it sent to you instead if you would prefer to bring it with you and give it to me yourself.

If you don’t want to purchase from a wishlist because you want to avoid an electronic transaction you can buy a gift card in a store to cover whatever you have in mind and give it to me either when you come or get the code from the back of the card and send it to me in an email.

These require only a little planning ahead but really delight me.

If you want to pick something up on your way, here are some suggestions:

  • La Croix sparkling water. My preferred flavors are here. Water is an easy gift and very useful because I drink it all the time.
  • Red wine. Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon are favorites. I especially enjoy trying others’ discoveries.
  • Import and microbrewed beers. Lagers, pilsners, wheat, and ales are preferred. No super bitter, sour or hoppy beers, please.
  • A gift card. Etsy, eBay, and Visa are my preferences. Amazon is OK, too.

Please do not bring:

  • Flowers and plants
  • Chocolate……unless it is a La Maison du Chocolat dark chocolate box or Asher’s SUGAR FREE raspberry jellies or mint patties.
  • Leather or fur
  • Random things you think I may like. In the past people have brought BDSM gear, lingerie, clothes, shoes, etc. not from my lists and they almost never work out. You’re almost guaranteed to completely waste your money this way because it will end up re-gifted, donated to charity, or thrown away. I assume that’s not what you want to happen when you buy a gift — and neither do I.

I’m pretty practical when it comes to gifts in that I want it to be something I can use. I’m not impressed with giving a gift for a the sake of giving a gift. In fact, it’s more of a disappointment that you appear to not have put any thought into it or gone with some scripted notion of what I might like. So, please save your money instead of just guessing or making an impulse purchase because you don’t want to come empty handed.

Thank you!

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