I am now equipped to receive your submission via:

  • immobilization – via straps, etc
  • mummification – via medical bandages and cling wrap (I found a plastic which fits with My Green ethic!)
  • confinement / caging – via seven-foot, lockable slave cage
  • moderate femme – via wigs, makeup, breast forms, panties, stockings. Still limited with lingerie, dresses, and heels. Of course, you’re welcome to bring your own. (Building a good femme wardrobe takes a lot of money, sluts!)

Coming soon:

  • Body bags (having two custom-made)
  • Religious play – specifically Catholicism

Next in line:

  • Military play
  • ???

If you’d like to help Me build a better dungeon — and faster — feel free to peruse My wishlist and send a gift or make a donation. All gifts are appreciated.


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