slave 70 testimonial

I really enjoy my experiences with slave 70 because he is very open and interested in how kink can be transformative. So, not only can I consciously incorporate this into how I approach my scenes with him, we have good conversations about it.

After our last wonderful adventure, he shared this with me:

“What can I say? Wow! I’m still on a high since I left. I didn’t believe things could be any better than our previous session. But this afternoon exceeded my expectations. 

You are an expert with Your hand and all the floggers or whips I experienced today … With Your coaching …and being helplessly bound to the table with no room to move, I was able to be completely present. I loved absorbing each and every impact, and mentally leaned into each one. The high You helped me achieve was perfect. 

As I lay there, being bound into a more and more precarious position by Your ropes while wearing a blindfold, it was so exciting to try to guess what might happen next. It was also exhilarating when Your hand, arm, or leg would brush up against my skin as You tightened the ropes. Of course my guesses for what was coming were wrong… Who could have guessed I would be…

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Ass Beating And…

fukpet and I took a tour of some implements this session: paddles, switches, canes, a belt, and my powerful hands. This is how it turned out.

After I beat his ass, he was rewarded.

After our experience, he had to say this:

“Once again I thank you for a fantastic session. It is always cleansing when I kneel at your feet to offer myself for your use, abuse and amusement. For the next two hours I was in your world, totally subject to your whims and desires. The session you crafted, as always, was like none previous. I never know what to expect as I enter your world. As the session intensified you brought me to a different level of consciousness. … It has been a very long time since I have had impact play like that. It was great. … I am not sure if it was true subspace but definitely a high, it not only lasted through the session but long afterwards. … I am grateful to have found you. A true sensual sadist, and … Goddess.”

Thank you, fukpet! I’m grateful you found me, too. Looking forward to our next Meet & Beat!

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Erica Goes To A “Party”

erica I had not seen in quite some time. Over 7 years, in fact!

We had a little contact over the years, but for various reasons had not seen each other.

I wanted to be sure to thoroughly enjoy this slut when she arrived — and I did.

After dressing her to my tastes…

She’s a full A, if not B cup!

I took her and those perky tits to my “party”.

I think she enjoyed herself. 😉

Dear Mistress, just a belated note of thanks for providing such an incredible high on Wednesday afternoon.  I am just now coming fully back to earth.  There was so much to like about our time together.

First of all, you look marvelous, even more stunning than I remember but with an additional dash of elegance. Your soft, hypnotic voice would have been wholly sufficient to control me without any external restraints whatsoever.

Second, if, as they say,  the devil is in the details, our session was as devilish as it gets.  Your exquisite planning and flawless execution were not lost on me.  I loved the outfit you selected for me [to wear] … I can’t express how much I enjoyed the subsequent treatment you applied to render my nipples pink and swollen.

Finally, the party scene that you laid out was VERY realistic …  The forced restraint was both exhilarating and borderline terrifying. … I initially thought that you had indeed invited a real guest to partake.

All in all, I was greatly impressed by the scene you crafted for me, and particularly by the clever variations you used to embellish the scene that I outlined.  Specifically, due to your creativity in designating my role at the party, I will forever more think of last Wednesday as “My Afternoon as Mistress Tissa’s Slutty Party Favor.”

I’m glad you enjoyed being my party favor, erica!

(By the way…if you want to make the fantasy of being my party favor more of a reality, book a Party Pet session. More info here!)

slave 70 returns

Sometimes we need a break. slave 70 is no exception.

He recently contacted me saying “My Sessions with You helped tremendously — being challenged in various ways made me completely forget about life’s problems” and that he was ready to come back.

Given what he divulged to me about some issues he was dealing with, I was looking forward to helping him diffuse some of the resulting stress, but also provide some strategies that could help alleviate his relationship with these problems.

The session was cathartic for us both!

Afterword he shared:

“Today was… amazing. The spanking over Your lap almost put me into a trance. … I wanted to explain at the moment … but I couldn’t really put intelligent words together.  I was just on a high as You led me … across the room. 

The flogging and whipping You delivered on the standing cross at times put me into a meditative state. The power with which you wielded the flogger was quite impressive. And I loved hearing You become so physical with it. It frightened me a bit, but You clearly had everything under control which was why I could let go, just “be”, and receive what You gave me. 

And the predicament You placed me in … was perfect. … That was pure evil and I loved it. It also reinforced to me the lesson that with bad choices come bad results.

I thought that was the apex, but seeing You [doing that] was like nothing I’ve experienced before. In some ways it felt like I was having an out of body experience, watching from a distance but being part of the scene as well.

Thank You for helping me to leave life behind for the afternoon, and provide the dominance, discipline, correction, control and care that I needed.”

(edited for privacy)

You’re welcome, slave 70! It was so good to welcome you back!

Mistress Tissa and fukpet Go To The Circus

fukpet and I had a good laugh during our last session.

He was taking an inflatable plug for me and as it was being inflated it popped. And when it popped it shot out like a stuntman from a circus cannon. (Thankfully, no one was injured during this dazzling display.)

While we were laughing about this, I noticed the barrier that had been put on the plug was still inside him. When there was an attempt to remove it, it would not budge. Finally, after a little tugging — voila! — it came out inflated, ladies and gentlemen! (fukpet, take a bow.) The break in the plug’s sheath had essentially turned it into a balloon.

So, we had: a circus cannon, stuntman, balloon animals, and plenty of laughs — lead by me, Ringmistress Tissa.

He left the tent with this:

Needless to say, the stuntman was retired…

And fukpet kindly offered to send a replacement…

I’m pleased to say that they actually improved this plug since I purchased it last. It used to be covered in rubber and now it’s silicone. This makes for a safer and more durable piece.

Later, fukpet shared this:

What a fantastic session!!!  Mentally with each session you continue to dig deeper into my psyche. It is so overpowering how you were able to get into my head from the very beginning … I have to report that today Tuesday almost ALL marking and bruising is gone.  Really only four days!!!.  I am sure it had a lot to do with the wonderful aftercare that you provided. This is a good thing for me as I look forward to taking much more for you. I find great satisfaction in knowing that I am able to take what you give me and watch you relish in the sadistic joy that you get from painting your canvass. … I Look forward to the next time.

(All the juicy details have been edited out. I’m sorry but you’re just going to have to buy your own ticket to the show.)

I look forward to next time as well, and continuing to see how far I can push my canvass!

fukpet serves

fukpet came to offer himself to me.

As part of his training, I amused myself with a game of pain and pleasure: if he took some pain, he might be rewarded with pleasure.

I used various implements on him. He took them very well.

I initially went heavier on his right cheek, so I had to balance it out, of course.

Unfortunately, because I was so engrossed in our scene, I forgot to take a photo when I was finished!

Because he took ALL of the pain I gave him, my slut received a wonderful reward that included the privilege of worshipping of my beautiful feet.

Afterward, he said:

I would like to thank you for a fantastic session. I feel honored that you have accepted the offering of myself to you and that you have begun my training to be your slut / slave. Kneeling before your powerful presence and beauty, while being instructed on how to best serve and amuse you as the lowly slave that I am is truly an honor. It was wonderful how you took complete ownership of my mind, my body. and especially my ass. The strikes of your hands, floggers and canes left their beautiful marks that I wear proudly. … I took your punishment for my shortcomings and I am grateful for the rewards you bestowed, I will strive to be a better slave for you Mistress. … Days later our session lives on … and the thoughts of kneeling before you Mistress and being of service to your decadent needs. Looking forward to our next session.”

you’re welcome, fukpet!

Welcoming Nimagras

Recently, I brought Nimagras on his first adventure with me. He indicated that he had wanted to contact me for a long time but didn’t feel he was ready to submit to me — until now.

Nima is an experienced player. He had a lot to say about what he enjoyed and didn’t, and presented a level of self-awareness that I appreciate. However, in my typical fashion, probed him further in our pre-session conversation (almost twice what I allotted!) which revealed “things…that never crossed my mind”.

When he came for his session, our conversation flowed, but once we descended into my dungeon I perceived some reticence. I usually see such things as a challenge — which I gladly accept. 😉

Afterward, we were both spent.

The day after he wrote this to me:

“I left enveloped in a womb-like warmth, physically and mentally exhausted. I awoke pleasantly numb and famished.

I have a pair of day-after measures which have yet to fail.

1. It’s a great session if I felt safe enough to drop my guard, to give into the experience, and to GET OUT OF MY OWN WAY. It means that the walls enveloped us and that I trusted you to take care of everything. It means I did not have a care in the world because you were taking care of everything, and all I had to do was enjoy what you produced. It means it was a symbiotic relationship where we both got something. It’s akin to mental marriage for a few hours.

2. It’s said that a starving man will pay anything for a steak, but he has no interest in a second steak, even if it’s free. It’s a great session if I walk out so satisfied that I could not conceivably continue playing, even for free!

Together, we hit home runs on both. I’m certain I have never had a first session where both litmus tests were positive. That success is a testament to your ability to let me enjoy the roller coaster.”

Thank you, Nima. If I were to say anything, other than to thank you for your trust, it would be that while I created the roller coaster, you were the one who allowed yourself to enjoy it.

He then sent this follow-up message:

“It occurred to me last night that on a daily basis you produce such experiences to fulfill each client’s hopes and expectations. I’m awed at the mental and physical toll put upon you. Plus, you willingly carry the huge responsibility of guiding each client safely and successfully through their experience. 

I knew being a pro is hard work. Until this week, I did not have an appreciation for just how much you give of yourself. Saying thank you seems insufficient, but I sincerely thank you for putting forth such effort on the behalf of your clients.”

I appreciate this. You’re right: this is hard work. And the more you put yourself into it, the more exhausting it is — but also the more rewarding.

UPDATE: Nima sent me this a few days later:

“Still mellow and warm inside. Better than drugs. 

You have the touch.”

I’ve heard this before. 😉

Until next time…

Mistress Tissa

Transformative BDSM with slave 70

Sure, I’m an excellent Domme for you hungry bottoms and respectful fetishists who need a scratch itched, or for Weekend Warrior Subs because they need a place to let go once in a while, but where I really excel is in the intellectual (often philosophical), psychological, and spiritual elements of play, and in seizing the potential for an intense and transformative experience that lies at the core of every BDSM interaction.

While not everyone is interested in, or equipped for, this level of play, slave 70 is clearly a good candidate.

Though we are still getting acquainted, he has shown himself to be willing to not only explore some luscious erotic space but to have me lead him into the often intimidating realm of self-improvement.

It seems from the brief time we have had together, both through a distance contract and in-person sessions, I have already left an indelible impression on him. From our last session he wrote:

“Thank You so much for an out of this world experience. I don’t usually sleep well, but last night I fell asleep early, and slept hard and long like a baby. Just a testament to what an intense afternoon it was.

I’ve been dealing with some personal issues… everyone does. These particular circumstances have really weighed me down in a way that has been all-encompassing — nothing much has been able to provide respite. But my time with You broke through; You made all my problems melt away. You kept me engaged and constantly on my toes, in such a way that my problems were the furthest thing from my mind. Thank You sincerely for that.

With each of the sessions I’ve had, You’ve challenged me in very personal ways, not just emotionally and physically but also intellectually. Yesterday was no exception, and was particularly challenging 🙂 That’s why I can say that my experiences with You are unique and are an order of magnitude different from any experiences I’ve have with others. Simply put, Your attention, focus, energy and spirit all exist on a much higher level. My gratitude for the physical predicaments and the cognitive challenges; In addition to taking home the marks You put on Your property, I also took home several things to think about.”

slave 70