“Site Membership”

Periodically I get a notification that someone has requested membership to my site.

I do not have a membership site at this time.

Then why can someone request one, you ask?

It has to do with the limitations of my web host. They don’t seem to want to offer their customers things web developers would like such as putting old pages in folders that are not accessible to the public, as people tend to like to do for archival purposes. Once you want to update or make a new page, we either have to (a) delete our work, or (b) keep it publicly accessible (i.e. the equivalent of the public_html folder).

Because I want keep all my old pages, I have to change the settings on each page so that people can’t actually see it or it could interfere with my currently published pages. The options we have to do this are limited, and none of them are good. One of them is to set the page to “members only”.

I’m not entirely sure how some of you are accessing these pages in order to get to the screen to be asked if you want to become a member. My guess is that you either have old ones bookmarked or possibly some search engine has old ones still indexed and is referring people to them.

Anyway, I’m sorry but your requests to join my membership site won’t result in anything — at this time, anyway.

I started working on a membership site but have still not figured out how I want to accept subscription payments for it yet. Nearly all payment processors explicitly exclude adult content from their terms of service, so it narrows you to a few less-than-ideal options from which I have yet to decide will result in the smallest headache.

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