My Birthday is coming up…

My birthday is one month from today: September 23rd. Whether you’d like to spoil Me silly or send Me a small token of your appreciation, I will be delighted to receive it.


My Top Birthday Wishes


#1. Black Magic XL Fucking Machine, 1400

#2. Mr. S Leather Neoprene Sleepsack, 570

#3. Venus2000, the pro Domme package, 1200

#4. Mindplace Kasina, 360

#5. Drapes for My dungeon, 122 each (any quantity between 1 and 10)

#6. A fabulous costume for decadent role play (it’s a surprise), 500

#7. Etsy gift card to cover a selection of impact toys from a small business, 150

#8. An amazing jacket I have on My wishlist, 140

If you’d like to give one of the above, you can either claim it by:

1. Sending the quoted amount via with the item number in the message field or
2. Contacting Me and I will provide you with a mailing address.

You can also:

Pick one of the many things from from My Amazon wishlist.


Give a gift card which I can pool together to buy something wonderful for Myself. The best options are: Etsy (I have My eye on several things, so this would be great) and eBay (where I love to treasure hunt).

Cash gifts can be sent via or (better for international folx).

Address to use: GatMT

Thank you!

Mistress Tissa

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