Happy Thanksgiving

What an amazing year this has been. The Universe sent me so many wonderful people with whom I created some truly extraordinary experiences.

I have welcomed several new people to Temenos, from those who’ve played for decades to people who had only experienced BDSM as fantasies in their mind.

I am especially grateful for:

  • My dedicated subs, bottoms, and fetishists
  • All the new players who chose me for their first professional BDSM experience
  • All the generosity I have received. Not just in the form of material gifts, but in the form of energy during our scenes. I am continually honored, humbled, and in awe by the way someone who met me moments ago allows themselves to be vulnerable and trust me completely.

Thank you, everyone! I wouldn’t be able to do this without you!

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Such a beautiful and thoughtful post, Mistress. Very thankful to have met You and been welcomed to Temenos this year. i am learning so much from You and it has truly been a magical and incredible experience. i look forward to continuing to learn from You, serve You and continue to grow in my own life. Thank You Mistress!

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